Sunday, September 26, 2010

Finding the Titanic

1. ORGANIZING In this selection, Ballard tells two stories that take place at different times. How does he keep the two stories separate?

2. GENERATING What conditions made the TITANIC especially hard to find? Use details from the story.

3. INTEGRATING Summarize why Robert Ballard was so determined to find the TITANIC.

4. INTEGRATING Why do you think people are still fascinated today by the TITANIC?

5. EVALUATING How would you feel if you were on the TITANIC like Ruth Becker, or with Ballard's crew? Explain your answer.

6. CONNECTION Both Ruth Becker and Grandfather in Grandfather's Journey took trips that changed their lives. Compare how they felt as they looked back on their journeys.


  1. 4. People are still fascinated by how and why the "unsinkable" ship sank and killed so many people.

    5. If I were on Ballard's crew, I would feel excited about being the first to find the TITANIC after so many years being on the ocean floor.

  2. 1.Robert D. Ballard keep the two stories seporated by dates and years. For example when Ruth Becker was involed in the story it was 1912 and when Robert D. Ballard was telling it it was 1986.

    4.I think people thinck it's fascinating today because nobody has seen the ship in over a century. Tatum.Beck

  3. 1.ballard keeps the stories separtate by telling Ruth's story first when he searches for the titanic.2.what made the titanic so hard to find was it was split in half and it was two down in the ocean

  4. 1.Robert dballard keeps the story s apart by putting the time and the date on each chaper.

    2.The titanic was hard to find because it had and mud .Athey did not now where it was in the ocean.

  5. 5.If I was on the titanic, I will yell and cry for my dad.I will push and bite people and tell them to get out my way

    4.People are still Fascinated today by the is becase It the frist time out and it sink

  6. 5. I will feel so sad because if something happened to me or my famiy I wound feel bad like Ruth.

    2. I think that it was really hard to find the Titanic because it was 12500 feet down in the Alantica ocean.

  7. 4.The People are still fascinated by the Titanic because it sank on its first voyage.

    5.If I was on the Titanic I would feel sorry for the People and me because we might die.

  8. 2. The Titanic was hardto locate because it is so far down inthe ocean and divers could not swim that far down.

    4.I think people are fascinated because the Titanic was the biggest boat in the world at that time.

  9. 1.Robert D.Ballard keps up with the two stories because he includes the dates for each chapter.

    4.People are still fascinated by the Titanic because it is the most famous shipwreck of all time.

  10. 2.The reason why it was hard to find the Titanic is because it was 12,500 feet deep, all rusty, coverd in sand, andwas like 10 Empire state buldings staked on top of each other.

    4.People are still fascinated by the Titanic because it was 3 football fields long and 12 stories long and with all the fancy silverwhere and plates and the desines so that is why people are still fascinated by the Titanic today.

  11. 4.I think people are still intrested in it because the Titanic is still the biggest ship and it has a lot of royal rooms.

    5.If I am on a titanic like Ruth I would be worried because the Titanic might hit an iceberg and breck into pieces!

  12. 1.generating- the titanic was hard to find because it was in the big ocean and back than it was hard to find thff becausethey did nothave robots2.Evaluating-If I were on the Tit I would have cryed because it would be like dieing to me if I was on the boat.

  13. 2.The sand covered the Titanic completly and it took time to develop tecnolagy.They sent jj the Robot to discover the Titanic.

    5.I would feel scared because I would not want to freeze to death.

  14. 4.I think that people are still fascinated about the titanic because,they said that the titanic is unsinkable but it really is.

    5.If i was on the titanic like ruth i will be very happy to be the first to sat sale on the titanic.Then i would feel scared because it sank with me on it.

  15. Integrating (3)-The reson why Robert Ballard was so determined to find the Titanic is because he wanted to see what it looks like now and he whanted to see the one of the biggest ships in the world.

    Evaluating (5)-If I was there I would feel bad that the ship sank and it would be sad to see the people die by drownding and cold nest.

  16. 2. It was really hard to find the Titanic is because it was covered with mud and it was dark,rusted andbroke in half.
    4. I think people are still fastunated by the Titanic because a lot of the stuff is very valuable

  17. 2.Tt took a long time to find the titanic because the ship went all the way to the bottom of the ocean 2 1/2.
    3.Robert Ballard was so happy to find the titanic because people want to find it but Robert Ballard did he wants to let it sit in peace. by. kayla

  18. 4.Why people are fascinated about the Titanic becausethey said it was unsinkable but it sunk on its first voyage.
    5.If i was ruth becker i would be scarded because i was split apart from my family.

  19. 4.THE reason people are so fascinated about the titanc today because it was the largest boat in the world.THEY thought It never would sink.
    1.THE way BALLARD seperate is he make the storie into days and years so that we can understand when did this happened.HE was doing the years by going back in time.

  20. 1. Ballard keps the story aport by the different times in the story.

    2. What made the Titanic hard to find is that it was as deep as 10 Empire state buildings stacked on top of each other.

  21. 4.The Titanic is fasinaning today because it was three football fields long.
    5.If I was on the Titanic it would be fun because it was the biggest ship of it's time.